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  Back in 2000, we started out on a seemingly simple search for a better basketball goal. The "big box" mass retailers didn't have anything we wanted. 

Next, we looked to the specialty sporting goods retailers. We found their offerings a bit lacking. The brand name products available just didn't offer the pure playing experience found on gymnasium-based goals.

Then we tried the recreational amenity dealers. They had a very good basketball goal, but were more interested in maintaining an obscene profit margin. Even though we were willing to do the installation ourselves, they weren't willing to budge on price.

So we decided to build our own, and PlayMaker was born. 

After making and selling a line of basketball goals, many of our do-it-yourself customers began to ask if we could also provide playing surfaces as well as other items such as lighting and fencing. You see, our customers were appreciative of a really great goal at a fair price, without that obscene profit margin. And given that these folks were willing to do the installation themselves, they saved even more compared to the traditional recreational amenity builder. Now it's easy for you to build your own complete custom backyard recreational facility.

It seems we found our market niche.

But we haven't been standing still. We continue to add sports products our customers request. Our product line now includes rebounders and adjustable net systems for racquet sports. We have even redesigned our adjustable basketball goals to be easier to use and have a longer life in the harsh outdoor environment. 

And that's what PlayMaker is really all about. Giving customers a great array of continually improving recreational products that provide long lasting entertainment and excellent value.

Thanks for considering PlayMaker for your back yard.

     --the PlayMaker team



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